What is Movement Power?

The concept of Movement Power refers to a culmination of certain qualities expressed by an athlete. It’s development provides the foundation on which performance and style are built. It is an ideal created to help refine and direct an athlete’s training.

Put simply though, we are talking about the pursuit of moving with notable speed and force. The key to this can be summed up in a single formula:-

Power = Force x Velocity

To explain a bit further, when we speak about force we are describing the athlete’s ability to express and manage force. For example, expressing the force necessary to cover the distance of a jump, then managing the forces met upon landing the jump.

When we are speaking about velocity, we are talking about the rate of work they can do over time. This means the speed at which they can move through any route and perform the necessary movements to overcome the obstacles in their path.

The Movement Power approach is concerned with the development and application of the most effective methods to improve these qualities. I am interested in seeing Parkour practitioners from the very beginning stages of their training, right through to the elite level of performance within our sport.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you, please feel free to contact me via email. movementpowerful @ gmail.com

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