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 “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” – Bruce Lee

The major focus of my study and experimentation within strength and conditioning for parkour has been to find which training methods are most effective in developing my performance within the sport. In order to maximise what I get from the time I put into my training, I have kept what has given me the best results and scrapped the rest.

Unfortunately, all too often I see others engaging in practises that have, at best, a very marginal effectiveness towards their overall goals. Often it seems that people are led to these methods through misinformation spread by individuals in positions of authority within the community. This isn’t to discount everything those people have to say, but they often seem reluctant to challenge their preconceptions, favouring tradition over innovation. This unfortunately has led to a deficit of evidence-based coaching in our sport, especially where athletic performance is concerned.

That being said though, the specifics of what people are doing is only a part of the problem. A large reason for certain training methods and approaches being ineffective is due to a lack of emphasis on the most basic areas of focus that make lead to progress.

I recently spoke to a friend who summed up one of the largest issues we see, lending the description ‘majoring in minors’. People are quick to spend time focusing on the least important aspects of a method or a plan because they are the easiest to do, or because they seem the most compelling.

I think this all comes down to an inability to properly prioritise the most important elements of the practitioners training. This is where the training pyramid becomes a useful concept. In this analogy, the lowest block is the most important foundation on which everything else is built; it has the largest effect on the outcome of your training. As you travel up the pyramid, the smaller the overall outcome of each layer towards overall progress.

Fitness Training Pyramid –


Skill Training Pyramid –


The pyramids displayed above show the areas that practitioners should be spending the most time and energy focusing on. This doesn’t mean those areas postioned further up the pyramid should be forgotten about or dismissed at all. A good plan should encompass all of these areas with the correct priorities placed upon them.

Future articles I release will explore each of the areas listed in these pyramids. A few have been touched upon already. However, if you have any questions or if you are interested in my coaching services, please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Nice article and good thoughts. I think everyone, no matter how much thought he puts in his training, is guilty of violating these rules from time to time. Especially for beginners, some of this could be confusing (like “Why shouldn’t I put in my best effort?”), so I am looking forward to your future ideas on this.

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