Movement Power is a coaching platform and business created by Tom Taylor. The mission is to provide effective training resources for Parkour practitioners.

Tom has been involved in the practice of Parkour and it’s community for over 10 years. During this time he has built extensive experience professionally as a coach and performer. He has represented the sport by featuring on several television and radio interviews, has acted as part of large-scale stage performances and music videos, and has delivered coaching at numerous schools and community events.

Recently, Tom has participated in several of the emerging speed and skill competitions within the sport. In 2016 he qualified and competed in the North American Parkour Championships held at Origins Parkour in Vancouver, Canada.

Outside of directly practicing the sport, he has also studied and experimented with evidence-based Strength and Conditioning methods since 2008. He eventually developed his own system specifically designed for aiding the progression of Parkour athletes from the beginner to advanced level.

Previous clients –

  • Clockwise Media, Bristol
  • Sensation Entertainment, Bristol
  • Oakwood Park School, Maidstone
  • Maplesden Noakes School, Maidstone
  • KNI Foundation, London
  • Nailsea School, Bristol
  • Cirque Bijou, Bristol